Arusha Ngurdoto National Park

Explore Arusha – Ngurdoto National Park

With 117 square miles, the Arusha Park is an extremely interesting area being located on the side of Mount Meru which, while having thick forested slopes rises dramatically into the sky representing a classical extinct volcanic cone.


What you’ll see

The Ngurdoto Park is famous for its unique crater, the thick highland rain forest sections, acacia woodland and string of seven crater lakes of Momella.

However, the miniature Ngurdoto crater has been set aside as a reserve within a reserve. Down inside is a wealth of wildlife buffalo, elephant, rhino and many other animals, but no lions. This 2.4 kilometre wide crater is closed to man and is a sanctuary for wildlife only.

Stunning birdlife

The beautiful Narinas trogon is found in the forests, as is the crowned hawk eagle, the African broad bill and the broad ringed white eye.

Tailored to you

As every Geoffrey’s Travels Safari is tailored to our clients, you can choose where to spend your time in the park. Whether it’s soaking up the glorious views of Kilimanjaro, photographing the elephants as they saunter past, spotting birds as they feast in the swamps (or all three), the day is yours.