Kilimanjaro National Park

Explore Kilimanajro National Park

With 1872 square kilometers of reserve, and Africa’s highest mountain (5895 metres), the Kilimanjaro National park dominates the area of mountain rain forest, scrub, alpine moorlands, and ice fields. Kibo, the highest peak, is basically one which can be reached by a strenuous walk carried out by fit climbers, and is popular for many visitors where a minimum of five days is required.

What you’ll see

A fantastic view of Africa can be had from the top on a fine day. Inevitably the area below the snow line is shrouded in cloud. Although a few animals such as elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard and eland may be found, the rare Abbots duiker is the prime attraction.


Stunning birdlife

Among the birds of special interest, those of note are Lammergeyer, scarlet-tuffed malachite sunbirds and the mountain chat.

Tailored to you

As every Geoffrey’s Travels Safari is tailored to our clients, you can choose where to spend your time in the park. Whether it’s soaking up the glorious views of Kilimanjaro, photographing the elephants as they saunter past, spotting birds as they feast in the swamps (or all three), the day is yours.