L Bogoria National Reserve

Commonly for its Hot springs and Geysers which are always active, is a salt water lake namely; Lake Bogoria.Its found south of the equator and further south of the Rift Valley.

It is protected by Lake Bogoria National Reserve which is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

Lake Bogoria has no surface outlet so the water becomes saline mainly through evaporation which is high in this semi-arid region. It’s highly productive with abundance of Cyanobacteria that feeds large numbers of Flamingoes among other different species of birds.

Lake Bogoria is ideal for Bird watching, Camping and Picnic.




Lake Bogoria Spa Resort

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Nestled in the Great Rift Valley, Lake Bogoria National Reserve is famed for its geysers, hot springs and also its rich variety of flora and fauna,including kudus, flamingos and marabou storks. Read more…