L. Manyara National Park

Explore Lake Manyara National Park

With 325 square kilometers nestling under the wall of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Manyara national park consists of five distinct vegetation zones – a ground water forest with towering mahogany and fig trees; extensive marshland and reeds; plain of open grassland on the precipitous face of the Rift wall.


What you’ll see

The park is famous for its numerous buffalo, elephant and in particular the lions which have the unusual habit of lying upon the branches of some of the trees. Leopard and rhino are seen in most areas of the park.

Stunning birdlife

Manyara is noted for its wealth of bird-life which often include thousands of lesser flamingos.


The people

The Massai are renowned for their hospitality and there are opportunities to meet this ancient people to find out more about their culture and daily lives.

Tailored to you

As every Geoffrey’s Travels Safari is tailored to our clients, you can choose where to spend your time in the park. Whether it’s soaking up the glorious views of Lake Manyara, photographing the elephants as they saunter past, spotting birds as they feast in the swamps (or all three), the day is yours.