Mkomazi National Park

Explore Mkomazi National Park

With 3510 square kilometers, it adjoins a portion of the southern boundary of Kenya’s Tsavo National Park.

What you’ll see

Being a very arid area, with open plains, thorn bush and isolated rocky hills, it is the home to elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, Oryx and lesser kudu as well as other lesser game.


Stunning birdlife

Bird life is particularly interesting, you’ll spot hundreds of species of bird including gems like the Egyptian Goose, Flamingo and Pelican. Here, we’ll stop from time to time, to give you a chance to absorb the view and to ask questions

The people

The Massai are renowned for their hospitality and there are opportunities to meet this ancient people to find out more about their culture and daily lives.

Tailored to you

As every Geoffrey’s Travels Safari is tailored to our clients, you can choose where to spend your time in the park. Whether it’s soaking up the glorious views of Mkomazi, photographing the elephants as they saunter past, spotting birds as they feast in the swamps (or all three), the day is yours.